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San Diego criminal defense attorney Elliott Kanter handles criminal defense and personal injury cases in state and federal courts across southern California. Mr. Kanter is also credentialed to argue cases before the United States Supreme Court. With three decades of legal experience, he has built a reputation for resourcefulness and tenacity as well as an impressive record of success on behalf of his clients throughout southern California.

Driving Under The Influence of Marijuana

If you are high on pot and you're driving in California, you can be arrested and charged with driving under the influence. Marijuana-DUI arrests – and serious traffic collisions and injuries related to marijuana intoxication – are increasing in this state and across the nation. If a person consumes any intoxicating substance, legal or illegal, [...]

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Crime Rate Declines In San Diego – Is Proposition 47 The Reason?

It's hard to believe, but it is nevertheless true. While the national news was filled with stories last year about rising crime in Baltimore, Chicago, and several other major cities, crime in San Diego was plummeting. In fact, the crime rate in this city in 2016 was the second-lowest in 47 years. Violent crimes dropped [...]

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How A Motion To Suppress Can Help Your DUI Case

According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, in the decade starting with 2003 and ending with 2012, prosecutors in this state won DUI convictions against 76.6 percent of those charged with the crime. Thus, in any typical year, almost one in four California drivers charged with driving under the influence is not convicted of [...]

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Uber Or Lyft Accident In San Diego? Here’s What To Do

In the state of California, across the United States, and around the world, the rideshare industry has flourished with amazing speed. It's hard to remember that Uber was founded only eight years ago and that Lyft was founded only five years ago. The rideshare industry's unprecedented popularity and growth have been so rapid that insurance [...]

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Misdemeanor vs. Felony DUIs In San Diego

All fifty states have laws that govern drinking and driving. Whether a state calls it DWI (driving while intoxicated), DUI (driving under the influence), or OUI (operating under the influence), the laws are similar, the enforcement is aggressive, and the penalties can be harsh, even for a first offense. Overwhelmingly in California, driving under the [...]

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California’s New Parole Law Redefines “Violent” Crimes

California voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 57 in November 2016. The measure gives the state parole board new powers to approve the early release of inmates whose offenses are not defined as "violent" under California law. Proposition 57 is one part of California's extensive and ongoing work to bolster rehabilitation programs and to reduce the number [...]

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Is Upskirting A Crime In San Diego?

In recent years, several cases have been argued in court on this subject. While most of us assume it is illegal to point a device, such as a cell phone, under someone's skirt without their knowledge and record or photograph their private body parts, in many states, it is not. Smartphones have made it easy [...]

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How Does Bail Work In The State Of California?

Getting out of jail may or may not be easy if you’re arrested and charged with a crime in Southern California. Many suspects arrested for misdemeanors are released “O.R.” (on their own recognizance), but for most suspects who are charged with committing felonies, posting bail may be the only option for getting out of jail. [...]

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Can I Be Arrested For Possessing Illegal Steroids in San Diego?

The state of California leads the nation in drug offenses, and they take them very seriously. If you are charged with drug possession, you can face a harsh sentence in jail or prison. There are various types of illegal drugs and different penalties that can jeopardize your freedom and future after a drug conviction. Anabolic [...]

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Sharp Crime Jump In California Fuels Political Acrimony

Crime is increasing, both in California and across the nation. After decades of decline, homicides, rapes, armed robberies, and other violent crimes are once again on the rise, and so are property crimes. Approximately 170,000 violent crimes will be committed in California this year. In 2015, violent crimes in our state numbered 166,883, a 7.6 [...]

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