Uber Or Lyft Accident In San Diego? Here’s What To Do

In the state of California, across the United States, and around the world, the rideshare industry has flourished with amazing speed. It's hard to remember that Uber was founded only eight years ago and that Lyft was founded only five years ago. The rideshare industry's unprecedented popularity and growth have been so rapid that insurance [...]

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Personal Injury And DUI: Who Pays, Who Suffers?

Southern Californians were in mourning last November upon hearing about the tragic death of San Bernardino police officer Bryce Hanes. Even in Sacramento at the Capitol Building, flags were lowered in Bryce Hanes’ honor. Governor Jerry Brown announced that he joined “all Californians in mourning his loss and vow to always remember his selfless service [...]

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Super Bowl Sunday, San Diego. Safety, And You

Law enforcement officers in San Diego County and throughout southern California are getting ready for one of the biggest drinking days of the year. That’s what Super Bowl Sunday has become over the last several decades. When the Denver Broncos take the field on Sunday, February 7, against the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 [...]

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Social Media Evidence In Personal Injury Cases

You probably already know that if you are injured by negligence and you file a personal injury claim, the insurance company that you’ve targeted will aggressively fight your claim. You may not, however, be aware of the lengths that insurance companies will go to gain evidence that they can use against you. Unfortunately, many people [...]

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