Do’s and Don’ts After a Personal Injury

After being injured in an accident, you might feel angry at the people who hurt you, frustrated about your pain, and confused about what to do now. If this describes your current emotions, you are not alone. In fact, more than 29 million Americans visit emergency rooms each year because of an accident or unintentional injury.

Luckily, there are lawyers in San Diego who work tirelessly to help you to navigate the insurance and court systems after an accident. Our team at the Law Offices of Elliott Kanter knows the “do’s” and “don’ts” of handling personal injury claims.

Do Save Evidence About Your Personal Injury

You can be your own best advocate when you have an injury claim or lawsuit. Often the best evidence can come from you because you have the personal experience with the accident. It might be prudent to save the following items:

  •       Photos of your physical injuries
  •       Pictures or video of the accident scene
  •       Written account of everything that happened
  •       Police or incident reports
  •       Copies of all medical records and bills
  •       Other documents related to the incident

During a consultation, an attorney at the Law Offices of Elliott Kanter can take a look at the evidence that you have gathered and then make suggestions for a case strategy.

Do Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

When you are faced with a personal injury, you probably should not deal with it by yourself, no matter how independent you are. Attorneys who handle accident cases on a regular basis can help to streamline the process for you. They can also help you avoid common pitfalls, such as those covered in the "don't" sections below.

Don’t Talk to Certain People About Your Accident

It can be important to avoid talking to others about your personal injuries. We don’t just mean your friends in the San Diego area. We are also referring to your pals on social media and your acquaintances in a group text. Additionally, if you need to speak to an adjuster from the insurance company, be cautious.

Friends, Coworkers, and Acquaintances

After an accident, you might want to tell everyone the story about the event, but this may backfire on you. Those very same people may be called to testify against you if the case ends up in a San Diego courtroom.

If your injury has not yet been investigated, you don’t really know for sure what happened, so avoid your social media and keep the matter to yourself for now.

Adjustors from the Insurance Company

If you are contacted by an insurance adjuster following your accident, it is generally wise to say as little as possible. And you certainly don’t want them to record what you say to them. You can direct them, instead, to your attorneys.

We at the Law Offices of Elliott Kanter are well-practiced at negotiating with insurance adjusters in San Diego and beyond. Why not leave the talking to your legal representatives?

Don’t Neglect Your Injuries If You Lack Insurance

Some injured Californians choose not to go to the emergency room, doctor, or clinic because they are afraid that they cannot afford it. When you neglect your injuries, you might get an infection from a lack of medical care. As a result, your health could even get worse.

By calling our law office in San Diego, you can be put in touch with doctors and medical staff that operate on a lien basis. This means that you may pay nothing until your case is finalized and we have gotten you financial compensation. The healthcare providers generally keep us informed of the balances of your medical fees, and these amounts can get subtracted from your final personal injury award.

Contact Our San Diego-Based Law Firm

Our team has years of experience negotiating with insurance companies. We are also skilled at proving the fault of those who are liable. Please call the Law Offices of Elliott Kanter today to speak with us about your personal injury claim.

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