How Much Is My Semi-Truck Accident Injury Claim Worth?



A car accident with another car is scary enough. When that other car happens to be a 40-ton behemoth of a semi-truck, that accident goes from scary to terrifying. An injury after a collision with a semi-truck is inevitable, and at that point, it is time to make a semi-truck accident injury claim. The immense size of a semi-truck and the fact that they are commercial vehicles means that the insurance policies are usually quite large (sometimes up to $1 million), making an injury claim for a semi-truck accident potentially quite lucrative. That raises the question, how much is a semi-truck accident injury claim worth?

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Factors in Determining a Semi-Truck Accident Injury Claim

After the accident, a variety of different factors will be considered when determining the amount of compensation you will receive after a semi-truck accident. Here are a few of the most prominent factors taken into consideration.

1. Cost of Medical Treatment

If your medical treatment and bills are very expensive, then you are likely to get a much larger settlement.

2. How Injuries Affect Quality of Life

The severity of the injury, how much pain and suffering you had to go through, and if the injuries negatively affected your quality of life will be a big factor in determining compensation.

3. Lost Wages While Recovering From Injury

If you had to miss work while recovering from injuries or were no longer able to adequately complete your job because of a resulting disability, you will be compensated for lost wages.

4. Loss of a Companion

If someone you loved lost their life in the accident, you will be compensated for this tragic loss.


Avoid Settling Quickly After a Semi-Truck Accident

It is in the insurance companies best interest to settle semi-truck accidents as quickly as possible. The longer the settlement process drags on, the more likely it is that you will get a larger settlement. Take your time, as waiting does not carry much risk of losing any money from your settlement. Over time, the injuries sustained can reveal themselves as more serious, medical costs can increase, and unthought of physical and mental strain can become present. Take your time, find a good lawyer, and make sure you are adequately compensated.


Semi-Truck Accident Settlement Amount Differ

While we can say with certainty that in most situations semi-truck accident injury claims are worth more than a normal accident, the exact amount varies from case to case. All of the circumstances involved in an accident can make predicting compensation a near impossible task. The best advice is to find a good personal injury attorney, and let them handle all of the details.


Semi-Truck Accident Injury Claim Attorneys in San Diego

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