Signs of Domestic Violence and How to get Help



There is no excuse for domestic violence. No matter the context or circumstances around an incident, there is absolutely no reason it should ever result in a physical assault. It is essential to understand exactly what constitutes domestic violence and the signs of domestic violence so that you can immediately put an end to it. If you or someone you care for is showing the signs of domestic abuse, get them assistance immediately and put a stop to domestic violence.

What is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic abuse is when an individual in an intimate relationship tries to completely control the other person in the relationship, dominating them to gain and maintain control. This can be physical domination or emotional domination, through the use of fear, intimidation, shame, and guilt. Domestic abuse can occur between any two people in an intimate relationship, be it a married couple, a separated or divorced couple, a couple that shares a home, a couple who is have been dating, or two people with children in common. No matter how the abuse takes shape, domestic violence is never ok and must be put to a stop immediately.

What is Domestic Violence? 

Domestic violence is a form of domestic abuse that focuses primarily on the use of physical abuse to attempt to injure or put someone in danger. Domestic violence is a crime, no matter the circumstances, and the police can protect any victim of domestic violence. 



What are the Signs of Domestic Violence?

People who are the subject of domestic violence may act in a certain way, mostly in an attempt to hide the widespread abuse from others to protect the abuser. Here are a few of the most common warning signs of domestic violence.

  • Frequent Injuries

Victims of domestic violence need an excuse for the frequent black eyes, bruises and injuries they sustain at the hand of their partner. That is why the victims of domestic violence are often “clumsy”, explaining that their frequent injuries are caused by accidents.

  • Frequent Absences

The physical and emotional domination by the abuser means that a victim of domestic violence is constantly living in fear. This constant presence means they may frequently miss work, school, or other social occasions with no explanation. They could have been threatened with violence if they go, or have been assaulted and are unable to attend.

  • Dress in Clothing to Hide Injuries

Domestic violence leaves a mark. The mark is scars, bruises, cuts, and bandages, and the victim will begin to wear clothing to hide the marks of abuse. This could lead to them frequently wear clothes that does not correspond with the weather or elements, such as scarfs or long sleeves in the summer and sunglasses inside.

  • Major Personality Changes from Domestic Violence

The psychological toll on the victim of domestic violence is devastating. It can lead once outgoing and confident people to be withdrawn, depressed, and anxious. They also can act very differently in front of their partner when compared to the way they act away from their partner.

The Law Offices of Elliott Kanter Can Help With Domestic Violence

If you are the victim of domestic violence or have been falsely accused of abuse in San Diego, the law offices of Elliott Kanter can help. We have a team of experienced lawyers who will do everything we can to discover the truth and help you find justice in court. If you have any questions or would like to come in for a consultation, contact us today. Give us a call.

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