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If you’ve never needed a criminal defense attorney before today, relax. San Diego criminal defense attorney Elliott Kanter can help you. With more than thirty years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer, his philosophy is a simple one. Elliott Kanter takes the time to understand every client’s situation and to represent fully and diligently every client’s best interests. The fact is that most criminal cases are decided – before a trial can even take place – through your defense attorney’s negotiations with the prosecutor. Elliott Kanter is dedicated to working for your best interests when you face criminal law charges. If that means going to court, he’s ready to do that. With three decades of criminal defense experience, felonious attorney Elliott Kanter has built a reputation for legal excellence and an impressive record of success on behalf of his clients.

Looking out for your interests

In any felonious case, whether the charge is a violent crime like assault or a lesser charge like marijuana possession, the truth is that having the right felonious lawyer can make all of the difference. In a courtroom, only one person is looking out for your best interests – your lawyer. When Elliott Kanter represents you on felony charges or on misdemeanor charges, you’ll know exactly what can happen and how you can help with your own defense. Elliot Kanter will aggressively defend and protect your legal and constitutional rights, and he will advocate tirelessly for justice on your behalf and for the best possible resolution to your case.

County public defender or private lawyer?

Once a case has been filed against you in San Diego, you would need to be represented by either a California County Public Defender or a private San Diego criminal lawyer. For those who are already in custody, there is usually a San Diego County Public Defender present at court to assist you during your first court appearance unless you have already availed of the services of a private San Diego criminal lawyer. If you have availed of a private San Diego criminal lawyer but could not afford to continue availing of his services, you could inform the court to appoint a San Diego County Public Defender for you.

If you are not yet in custody but you have been informed about your case, you will be asked to fill out a financial declaration under penalty of perjury to establish that you are qualified to avail of the services of a San Diego County Public Defender for free or if you are financially capable of hiring a private California  criminal lawyer.

There have been arguments as to whether or not hiring a San Diego County Public Defender involves more risk than hiring a private California  Criminal Lawyer. It actually varies on a case to case basis. Although the services of a San Diego County Public Defender are for free, those who avail of their services will be assured that these defenders will defend their case to the best of their ability. These San Diego County Public Defenders are very familiar with the courts in which they practice. More importantly, these Public Defenders know when it is best to settle or proceed with the case.

The downside would be that these California County Public Defenders would have more caseload since they handle a lot of indigent cases. This is where the advantage of having a private San Diego criminal lawyer would come in.

Once a private San Diego criminal lawyer has been retained by a client, he may no longer speak to a California  County Public Defender without the permission of his private criminal lawyer. It is important to note though that San Diego County Public Defenders are only provided for by the County of California  in criminal cases. If a case involves immigration, civil cases or any other case other than criminal, other agencies may be able to help those who cannot afford the services of a private lawyer.

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Questions to ask a lawyer

Whether you decide to hire me or another lawyer, here are some helpful questions to be prepared to ask. In turn, we ask that you be truthful and open so we can figure out the best way to represent your case.

  • How many cases or matters of this type have you handled?
  • Are there things I should do to improve my situation?
  • What can I expect to happen over the course of my case?
  • How long do you estimate it will take to conclude this matter?
  • Will you send me copies of correspondence and court filings?
  • Are there any deadlines I should know about?

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Elliott N. Kanter is also considerably experienced in the field of personal injury law, and he is available to represent you if you have been injured by the negligence of another person – in an auto accident or any other kind of accident – in the San Diego area. When you need felonious defense representation or an experienced personal injury attorney in or near San Diego, call San Diego felonious defense attorney Elliott N. Kanter at 619-330-5881 as quickly as possible for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.