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Arrested for Drug Trafficking in California? We Can Help

Drug trafficking is the illegal distribution or transportation of drugs for sale. "Sale" could mean giving away, administering, or furnishing the drugs. "Transporting" entails driving, riding, or walking with drugs from one place to another.

What Happens After Being Arrested for Drug Trafficking in California?

If you have been arrested for drug trafficking in California, you will be jailed while waiting for your bail to be set. Then, you will be prosecuted and allowed to learn about your charges. Hiring a San Diego trafficking attorney will help to build a solid defense strategy for you.

Your lawyer will look at the police report and any evidence to determine if there was an illegal search or any other form of police misconduct. After the arraignment, your case is then set for pretrial. Here, your lawyer will argue your case and discuss possible options with the judge and the district attorney.

A preliminary hearing will be set if they fail to find a settlement. The district attorney will show you committed the drug trafficking offense during the hearing. This is an opportunity for your lawyer to examine evidence and witnesses carefully, ask the judge to dismiss the charges, or request other court offers. If the case is not settled, it will go to trial, where your attorney can argue your case and fight for your rights.

Drug Trafficking Bail Bonds in California

Bail can be set between $25,000 to $50,000 but can be higher depending on your criminal history, the circumstances surrounding your case, or whether the court perceives you as a flight risk. However, your lawyer can use their negotiation skills to have your bail reduced based on your ties to family and work or lack of criminal record.

What Does the Government Need to Prove Drug Trafficking

The prosecution must collect evidence to show that you committed the offense. The evidence could include the following:

  • A statement you made to the authorities indicating that you were selling or offering to provide drugs for a specific amount of money.
  • A lot of cash, particularly in small denominations.
  • Large quantities of drugs.
  • Any email, social media, or text message that confirms you were selling or offering drugs in exchange for money or another reward.
  • Lots of foot traffic in and out of your residential property.
  • Any document showing what people owe you for drugs sold.
  • Possessing packaging materials like labels, baggies, scales, or anything else that shows you are packaging drugs for resale.

Contact a San Diego Drug Trafficking Attorney

If you're facing drug trafficking charges in California, the San Diego trafficking attorneys at The Law Office of Elliott Kanter can help you fight for your rights. We are ready to reveal all the deficiencies in the prosecution's case so that you can achieve a favorable outcome. Contact us today to schedule a case evaluation with our legal team.

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