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Can You Be Charged With Conspiracy for Drug Crimes?

Drug conspiracy is one of the most common drug-related crimes in California. It involves an agreement between two or more people to break a federal drug law. Prosecutors prefer these types of criminal charges as they can be easy to prove. They don't need to justify that the offense actually happened but simply demonstrate the presence of a plan or scheme to commit a drug-related crime.

For this reason, you need to consult with a San Diego Drug Crimes Conspiracy Attorney like Elliott Kanter to guide you through your court proceedings as you pursue justice. At the Law Office of Elliott Kanter, we have experienced attorneys who can poke holes into the prosecutor’s case to help get you out of trouble.

Types of Drug Conspiracy Offenses

Drug-related conspiracy crimes can broadly be placed into four categories;

  • Manufacturing a controlled substance — this refers to the production, processing, preparation, or extraction of illegal drugs. It can be in the form of marijuana cultivation or the production of pills.
  • Importation of controlled substances — this involves bringing illegal drugs into the US from other countries by deceiving or compromising U.S. Customs or Border Patrol agents.
  • Distribution of a controlled substance — this involves delivering illegal drugs to other individuals. Under this crime, no money needs to exchange hands for it to qualify to be a crime.
  • Possession of a controlled substance intending to distribute it — possession of illegal drugs is separate from manufacturing or distributing it. If the prosecutor can prove that the drugs in the suspect's possession were meant to be distributed, the penalties would be the same as if they distributed them.

Penalties Related To Drug Conspiracy 

The penalties for drug conspiracy crimes differ depending on the type and amount of drug. A case involving marijuana with no specified quantity may attract up to 20 years in prison. No minimum sentence is stipulated if the amount is not specified.

However, in the case of 100 kilograms or more, the offense attracts a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years and a maximum imprisonment term of 40 years. 1000 kilograms of marijuana attract a minimum sentence of 10 years and a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Less than 100 grams of heroin has a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years and a maximum of 40 years. 1 kilogram or more of heroin attracts a minimum sentence of 5years and a maximum sentence of 40 years.

Less than 500 grams of cocaine attracts a minimum sentence of 5 years and a maximum of 40 years. 5 kilograms of cocaine will land you in prison for at least 10 years and a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Looking for a Drug Crimes Conspiracy Attorney in San Diego? Get in Touch Today

Federal drug laws are complex, and it is easy to get entangled in a drug conspiracy case and end up being convicted of a crime you didn’t commit. At the Law Office of Elliott Kanter, we will provide you with the right defense strategy that correctly dissects the prosecutor’s case and applies the correct defenses to get you off the hook. Please contact us online or call our San Diego Offices directly at (619)231-1883 to consult with our able attorneys.

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