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Common White Collar Crimes in San Diego

White-collar crimes are non-violent crimes committed by public officials, businesspeople, and other professionals like doctors, accountants, human resource employees, and others. Individuals convicted of a white-collar crime can face hefty fines and imprisonment and, if sentenced, can suffer long-term reputational and professional damage.

San Diego residents facing white-collar offenses rely on the Law Office of Elliott Kanter to investigate these allegations. 

What Is White Collar Crime?

White-collar offenses are generally financially motivated acts involving stealing, cheating, scamming, or concealing funds. 

Sometimes, people accused of these crimes have just made an honest mistake. Nevertheless, being accused of white-collar crime can be scary, especially when someone has committed a crime unbeknownst to them. To go into court proceedings confidently, those accused of a white-collar crime should hire a San Diego white-collar crimes attorney who understands the unique demands of white-collar legal proceedings.

Common White Collar Crimes in San Diego

  • Embezzlement: Under California law, embezzlement is defined as the exploitation or misappropriation of money or property that belongs to other people. For example, if an employee uses funds in an unapproved manner, and the money was entrusted to that particular staff, then they are guilty of embezzlement.
  • Perjury: This is an act of willfully providing false information or swearing a false oath. Perjury can be both verbal and in writing.
  • Fraud: Fraud is criminal deception or tricking aimed to result in an unfair personal gain. In San Diego, a person can be charged with financial fraud, real estate fraud, identity theft, and insurance fraud.
  • Money Laundering: This white-collar crime describes an illegal process of concealing the source of money, often obtained from illegal activities like embezzlement, corruption, or drug trafficking.

Defending Against White Collar Criminal Charges

When defending white-collar crimes, there are many available defenses an experienced defense lawyer might use to fight white-collar criminal charges. They may include:

  • Questioning insanity
  • Proving lack of intent
  • Contending mistaken identity
  • Working with specialists like forensic accounting experts
  • Entrapment
  • Demonstrating the lack of substantial evidence from the prosecution
  • Gathering records and assessing the paper trail

People facing white-collar crime charges are advised to retain a qualified attorney to help them in their legal recourse. An experienced lawyer will investigate the accusations, provide realistic options, and aggressively defend these allegations.

Get in Touch With a San Diego White Collar Crimes Attorney

San Diego White Collar Crimes Attorney, Elliott Kanter, has served criminal defense clients in San Diego for 40+ years and understands the severity of such cases. At the Law Office of Elliott Kanter, our attorneys will pay great attention to each case detail and strive to provide the best white-collar representation in San Diego. Schedule your free consultation to get started.

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