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What Are The Most Common Types of Car Accidents

Many types of car accidents occur on our roads. Understanding each of these accidents allows you to know what to do to reduce the likelihood of being involved. However, there is no guarantee that you might not get involved in a car accident. The car accident may occur due to another driver's negligence, causing injuries and damages that may entitle you to compensation.

San Diego car accident attorneys at the Law Office of Elliott Kanter can review your case and offer the legal representation you deserve. Below are some of the most common car accidents on our roads.

1. Rear-end Accidents

According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report, rear-end collisions make up to 29% of accidents. The accidents occur when a vehicle follows the other too closely. A rear-end accident may occur when the front vehicle suddenly slows down at the traffic lights or when the traffic flow slows spontaneously. A distracted or negligent driver may fail to realize the sudden stop and react promptly.

You can avoid these accidents by keeping a distance and avoiding distractions, especially around high-traffic areas. If you have been involved in a rear car accident, it's essential to consider seeking the help of a San Diego car accident attorney.

2. T-Bone Accidents

A T-bone accident, also known as a side-impact collision, occurs when one vehicle hits the side of another. These accidents commonly happen at intersections when a driver ignores a red light or a stop sign while another vehicle is traversing the intersection. Side-impact collisions can also occur on an interstate or a highway when one of the motorists loses control and strikes the side of another vehicle.

3. Sideswipe Accidents

These types of accidents occur when one vehicle strikes or scrapes the side of another vehicle. The two vehicles may be moving in the same or opposite directions. Sideswipe accidents occur when one driver is distracted and moves out of their lane. Whether only one or both vehicles are in motion, sideswipe accidents can cause severe injuries and damages.

4. Turn-on Red Accidents

The collision occurs when a driver turns right or left on a red traffic light. Therefore it's crucial to stay alert when moving through a red light. Since most turn-on-red accidents occur immediately after the light turns red, it's important to wait for a few seconds before moving.

5. U-turn Accidents

A U-turn accident occurs when a driver casually makes a left U-turn. Some of the causes may include making U-turns where it's illegal, making negligent U-turns without looking for traffic flow first, and obstructed views.

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