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What Should I Do If My Child Is Arrested?

Being a parent comes with its fair share of ups and downs. But when your child is arrested, it can be one of the most challenging moments you'll ever face. As a parent, it's important to know what steps to take to protect your child's rights and their future. In this blog post, we'll discuss what you should do if your child is arrested and why hiring a San Diego Juvenile Defense Attorney is so important.

Understanding the Importance of Acting Quickly

When your child is arrested, time is of the essence. Acting quickly can make a significant difference in the outcome of their case. The first thing you should do is remain calm and supportive as your child will need your guidance and reassurance during this difficult time. Contact a San Diego Juvenile Defense Attorney as soon as possible. Elliott Kanter has the experience and knowledge to navigate the juvenile justice system and make sure that your child's rights are protected.

Steps to Take If Your Child is Arrested

  • Stay calm and supportive: Your child is undoubtedly scared and confused. Offer them reassurance and let them know that you are there to support them.
  • Gather information: Obtain as much information as possible about the circumstances surrounding their arrest. Write down any details, such as the time, location, and individuals involved.
  • Contact a San Diego Juvenile Defense Attorney: Reach out to an experienced attorney with extensive knowledge in juvenile defense. Elliott Kanter will guide you through the legal process and provide expert advice tailored to your child's case.
  • Follow legal advice: It's crucial to follow your attorney's advice and refrain from discussing the case with anyone other than your legal counsel. Anything you say may be used against your child in court.
  • Maintain open communication: Keep the lines of communication open with your child's attorney. Providing them with all the necessary information and updates will help them build a strong defense.

The Benefits of Hiring a San Diego Juvenile Defense Attorney

Hiring a San Diego Juvenile Defense Attorney is essential for your child's case. Elliott Kanter possesses knowledge of the juvenile justice system, including the specific laws and procedures that apply to minors. His experience can make a significant difference in the outcome of your child's case. As a skilled defense attorney, he’ll fight to protect your child's rights, explore all available defense strategies, and work towards the best possible outcome.

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If your child is arrested, don't hesitate to reach out to The Law Office of Elliott Kanter. San Diego Juvenile Defense Attorney Elliott Kanter is dedicated to providing the best legal representation for your child. He understands the complexities of the juvenile justice system and will guide you through each step while working tirelessly to achieve the best result for your child's future.

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