Criminal Defense

When Is the Right Time to Call a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

The right time to call a criminal defense attorney in San Diego is as soon as you have been arrested. Don’t wait until charges are formally filed against you to seek legal help. It is important to get a lawyer as soon as you are arrested, so that you avoid making the kind of mistakes that can jeopardize your case. Remember, that as soon as you are arrested, you may be in danger saying things that incriminate you. You may be a danger of making statements that could possibly be held against you in a court.

With a lawyer on your side, you are much less likely to make those kinds of mistakes. Besides, a criminal defense attorney in San Diego will also help you and your family with the process.

Also remember to call the right kind of lawyer for your case. For instance, if you have been arrested for insurance fraud and securities fraud or any other type of white-collar crime, you may not want to hire a attorney who is an expert at dealing with DUI cases. Criminal defense is a huge, vast and complex field of law, and there are several statutes that your attorney must be familiar with in order to help you fight charges against you. Call a criminal defense attorney in San Diego who has specific expertise in the kind of charges you are facing.

What Happens to My Professional License if I am Convicted of an Offense?

One of the more devastating consequences of being convicted of a crime in California is the losing of your professional license. If you are in an occupation that is based on professional licensing, that would effectively leave you without employment.

Certain types of convictions including those for DUI, domestic violence, and certain types of drug offenses, could result in an immediate notification to your local or state licensing board. You don’t necessarily have to be convicted of a felony, to lose your license. You could even lose your license for a misdemeanor conviction for certain types of offenses. In certain cases, you may even have to inform your notification board if you are convicted of a crime.

These details are very important, and your San Diego criminal defense attorney must inform you about all of these potential consequences, especially if it comes to negotiating a plea deal with prosecutors. You might find that even if you enter a guilty plea, and are let off with a lighter sentence, it may continue to have an impact on your professional licensing. What many persons don’t realize when they enter a guilty plea, is that it could have an impact on their license. If your attorney fails to advise you about these consequences, then you might be in serious trouble later.

Also remember that if there is any action taken against your professional license, it could also impact your liability insurance. For instance if you are a medical professional, and the conviction has resulted in action against your license, you might find that it also affects your liability insurance, and other insurance privileges. That significantly affects your ability to continue to work in your job.

If you have been charged with a crime, speak to a San Diego criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to protect your future.

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