Falsely Accused of Elder Abuse - What You Should Do


Looking after our elders, be they grandparents, great grandparents, or just a neighbor or a friend, is a civil responsibility that has been passed down for generations, As they age it is essential to provide needed care and help, with the understanding that when we get older someone else will take up that duty. However, what should you do if you are falsely accused of elder abuse? The expert attorneys at the Law Firm of Elliot Kanter have experience working cases of elder abuse, and they can explain the different kinds of elder abuse and what to do if you are falsely accused.

Types of Elder Abuse

There are two distinct types of elder abuse that an individual can be accused of committing. These two types of elder abuse are financial abuse and physical abuse.

  • Financial Elder Abuse

Financial elder abuse is when an individual abuses the trust of the elderly person for financial gain. This can be when you are the trustee of an elderly person’s estate or merely a friend who convinces them to take part in an unwise investment. Financial elder abuse can result in a civil lawsuit from a family member or interested party, or possibly even a criminal charge.

  • Physical Elder Abuse

If an individual is looking after an older person and they suffer an injury, that individual may be at fault for the injury and accused of physical abuse. Older people are much more susceptible to injury, and in many cases those accused of physical abuse of an elder have done nothing wrong. Regardless, a criminal charge may be filed, and criminal charges against the aged often come with more punitive penalties.

What to Do If You Are Falsely Accused of Elder Abuse?

If you are falsely accused of elder abuse, the first thing to do is contact an experienced attorney. Without a lawyer, you will be forced to go into the proceedings in the dark, unaware of the best strategies to clear your name. Make sure to contact an attorney before giving any kind of statement or answering any kind of questions, as careless answers may come back to hurt you in the long run.

Once you have contacted an attorney, they will listen to the details of a case and either suggest a more appropriate colleague to assist you with the case or take the case themselves. Having someone who knows the law to its fullest extent and can advise you on how to act is an invaluable tool that is a necessity if you are falsely accused of elder abuse.

Elder Abuse Lawyer at the Law Offices of Elliott Kanter

The Law Offices of Elliott Kanter has experience with elder abuse cases, including helping those falsely accused of elder abuse clear their name. If you live in San Diego and are accused of elder abuse that you did not commit, contact the Law Offices of Elliott Kanter today. We will listen to your case and figure out a way to help clear your name of any and all charges. For more information, give us a call.

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